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Pc Video Conference User Manual

What Is Pc Video Conference ?

Traveling to meetings on daily or regular basis is costly in terms of money, time, productivity and the environment. With this in mind, Pc Video Conference is designed as a on demand fully integrated audio video conferencing collaboration service to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

With Pc Video Conference, everyone sees and hears you as you talk! At the same time, deploy the integrated presentation tools such as Desk Top Sharing, Present PowerPoint Slides while narrating or just generate great ideas with your team.

Pc Video Conference is an easy way to communicate, exchange ideas and share information with anyone, anywhere.

No more attendee restrictions - Cross Platform for Pc - Mac - Linux - Ubuntu and other operating systems.

Pc Video Conference great for:

Product Launches - Team collaboration - Sales presentations - Deliver training - Rallying the troops - Consulting / Coaching -
Any type of meeting

Table of Contents:

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Product Feature List

Customer Summary

Moderators Summary

Attendees / Guests Summary

Conference Room Log-in

Audio / Webcam

Text Chat

PowerPoint Presenter

Web Browser

Video Show (Webcast)

DeskTop Sharing (DTS - Screen Sharing)

Private Conversation Audio / Video Duplex

File Share


Video Record Presentation

Mulitple International Language Interface

Ban / Kick Out Attendees

Smart Phones / Mobile Devices

X4 Audio Video Synchronous Streaming



Video Tutorials

PcVideoConference Master Video Collection Channel

Audio Video Data Record Demo Video Upload Playback Feature Control Panel Settings - Adding Moderator WhiteBoard Vote Polling

Moderator Auto Log-in / Room Links


Frequently Asked Questions


Members Area (Conference Room Control Panel)

Customer Care Help Desk

Product Feature List


Key Features (needs revision-more features added than shown)

Language Interface  
Ban current Speaker  
Kick Out Current Speaker
Mute Current Speaker
Hands Free Conversation
Start AV- Talk Now
Speaker / Mic Volume Controls
Turn off Webcam
Turn off Mic
Audio Modulation bar
IM Chat  
Send IM Text Chat
Clear / Delete All IM Text Chat
Save IM Text Chat to your Pc
AV Record Webcam / Presentation
Webcam Visual
Conference Room Name
Moderator feature controls:Chat, Browser, PPT Presentation, Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard
Participant Name
Audio Webcam settings
Members list
Expand Screen
Ban selected Participants
Kick Out Selected participant
Mute Selected Participant
Online Status
Start Private duplex conversation
Access Shared files folder

Latest Version V3.2.4 Basic Overview



Customers are the "Account Holder" and as such will have access to each video conference room web control settings panel (Members Area)

Each video conference control setting panel requires an active USER NAME and PASSWORD to access. Customer's are advised to keep these details in a safe location.

When a conference room has been activated, customers will be able to access their web control panel to make the desired setting changes. To view
the Set-Up procedures visit the fast guide.

In addition, the web control panel contains your Video Conference room URL link,Conference room name - Password settings, Moderator Settings, Emergency Pager and Customer Care Help Desk Ticket system.

Moderators/ Presenters


Moderators will need to have their own Moderator User Name and Password during the conference room login-in process.(Do not use your Account Holder User name and password - this is for the web control panel only)

All User Name/s and Password/s are case sensitive and must be entered correctly as provided otherwise the system database will not recognize these creditials and Limited Guest controls will only be available.

Moderators (Presenters - Meeting Hosts) have access to all the feature controls within the video conference room. There can be multiple moderators assigned per video conference room. If you have multiple video conference rooms, for security reasons you will need to assign a Moderator User Name and Password for each room.

Moderators can access a number of different options via room settings tab inside the video conference room to limit guest feature activity during the conference - refer fast guide.

Moderators can Temporary Grant MODERATOR PERMISSIONS FOR A GUEST within the conference room on the fly.


> Hover your mouse over the Guest's name in your conference room to grant temporary moderator permissions
> Click the icon as shown above fig1
> Select the permissions below to enable the required feature's fig2



>To remove temporary moderator permissions, select the icon as shown above and select "Remove Permissions.

Attendees / Guests Summary


Attendees and Guests can access your video conference room via your unique conference room URL. It is free, no registeration required other than the simply logging-in into the video conference room by adding their name and a video conference room password if you have set one.There are no extra charges from us for guests to attend your meetings.

Conference Room Log-in:



Each Assigned Moderator has their own Moderator User name and Password, therefore the Moderator has their own
unique Auto-login conference room URL link. - NOTE : This auto-login ONLY activates via the Control Room Control Panel.

> You can also start your conference room from the (Conference Room Control Panel)
> Log-in into conference room control panel
> Select " MY Moderators" section
> Choose the reqiured Conference room / Individual auto log-in and click the URL link
> The selected Conference Room will automatically load and log you in as the Moderator

Enter the Conference room URL link to your web browser, press enter key...wait as this starts to load.

Mozilla FireFox- Internet Exployer- Chrome- Opera web browsers are fine however,we encourage users to upgrade to the latest web browser version.

Adobe Security Box will appear > Select Allow option > Log-in Box appears.


> Add your NAME in the User Name Field
> Add a Room Password if required - BELOW Username Field
> Select your internet connection speed
> Select "OK"........

- You have two options: Auto log-in or manual log-in.

Auto Log-in option
Go to your conference room control panel, select "My Moderators"
> Select your unique URL link associated to your name (add moderator if not), click link and the conference room opens in your name with
full moderator features available.

Manual log-in option.
> Add your MODERATOR UserName in User Name Field
> Add your MODERATOR Password in Password Field
> Add a Room Password if required
> Select your internet connection speed
> Select "OK"........

Moderator User Name and Password is located in your members web control panel under "MY Moderators" Section

If you do NOT see the Moderator Room Feature Controls, you have not logged-in correctly. Only Moderators have Full Feature Controls access.

If the "OK" button is GREYED out or will not allow you to enter the room, one or more of these reasons apply:

Incorrect Room Password
Internet Speed Not Selected
The account is suspended.

Audio / WebCam: Plus Additional Settings


The mic and speaker icons appear if they are activated beside members name

The main controls for the Audio and Video are located as shown above.

The slider controls adjust the speaker output volume level and mic level input.

Hold down the green "Talk Now" button to activate the transmission of Video Cam and Audio stream.

The "Handsfree Button" Locks down (turns on) the Video Cam and Audio transmissions. (Moderator fetaure only)

Click either icon to disable your mic or video cam.

To check your audio or video cam Select: Setting Tab >

Check > Reduces Echo - echo can occur when speakers are too close to mic or mic gain is up too high.
Check> Turn microphone off
Pull down menu - > Select Mic or ->Select Video Cam

Select > Apply to make change or cancel


Select SETTINGS TAB inside the Conference Room, Check or uncheck the desired Feature/s as per list above.


Select ROOM SETTINGS TAB, to enable / disable certain features for guests / attendees.


Text Chat:


Text Chat is used as a global IM (instant message) to all attendees / guests / moderator presenters within the conference room. Moderators and attendees can use the text chat - moderators can disable all text chat for attendees / guests at the room setting tab.


Text Chat IM

Select > Clear Chat > Deletes all text chat (Moderator Feature Only)

NEW FEATURE: Disable Text Chat on the fly. Ideal when in conference, getting guest feedback comment and then disabling to stop disctraction during
the presentation.

Select > Save All Chat as illustrated above >This Opens Your Public Chat History Folder
*Note: In Software Setting TAB (Next to Sign-in) > Other > Number of options including:
-Turn Off Public Chat Auto History
-Turn Off Private Chat Auto History

PowerPoint Presenter:


The Presentation feature converts your PowerPoint .pps file/s to flash quickly and easily for your conference room presentations.

During the presentation, you may choose to leave your video cam active or close it- Closing or de-activating your video web cam
is desireable so not to distract the attendees visual presentation experience. During the presentation, moderator may choose the "Handsfree" option in order to lock down the microphone to assist narration during the presentation.

Moderators can select the screen resize arrows < or > or both to resize the player on their screen.
NOTE: If moderator expands screen to the left, this automatically de-activates the video cam.

To start the "Presentation" you first need to Upload your non-password protected powerpoint file. (Moderator Feature Only)

fig1- Displays the presentation options.

Select > "Presenter" Tab > Upload/Start PowerPoint Presentation menu appears
Select > Upload/Start PowerPoint Presentation
Select > Browse Tab......this open your pc folders > Choose your Powerpoint file and select Open.

Now you need to Upload this file > Select > "Upload Tab"...this may take a moment depending on the file size as file is uploaded.

fig2 -Displays the Presentation Upload in progress

During the file upload, you will see the upload progress bar moving to the right, at completion you will hear an audioable alarm.

fig3 - Displays all Upload .pps files

Select > the file you wish to play by >> Green Arrow or To delete a file > Select Red X

fig 4 - Displays Presentation Player controls

The player "Control Panel" shows the number of the slide being viewed and total number of slides. In addition, options include a speed control to automatically play each slide (5 secs -20 secs) : Next, I< back to first silde button - << previous slide button - > Play button - >>Next Slide -
I> last slide.

Web Browser:


The web browser feature (Moderators only) is useful for showing your attendees a website or for streaming a video on google youtube for example.

The synchronize button is used to push the webpage to attendee's.

Most websites will pull up fine, however some flash components may not due to technical difficulty (Flash in Flash) Example - If a website has flash buttons or banners.

Video Show WebCast:


The Video Webcast feature is widely used to stream the video and audio of a particular event to your attendees. As an example, churches can stream the Sunday service, a wedding or business might stream a presentation meeting or other event to branch offices. Substitute your video webcam for your video cam recorder for a more professional shoot, you may need to have compatible pc software for your video cam recorder to function from your computer.

fig1 Video Webcast Feature
NOTE- SHOW TAB is now called VIDEO


To use the "Video Show" webcast feature (Moderators)

Select > Video Tab
Select > Start Show

Streaming commences following a few moments and all attendees will see and hear the webcast. This feature locks ON the microphone and video
web cam. Using the Video Quality Slide Control allows you to adjust the quality of the video stream (Right Hand side of "Start Show" Button)

To turn off the "Video Show" Feature

Select > "Stop Video"

*Note - the Video / Audio streaming will continue for approx 5 -10 seconds as the buffer completes.


Fig2 displays the "Video" WebCast Attendees fully expanded screen view dimensions. To expand (re-size) your screen, click the < or > arrows
inside your video conference room.

DeskTop Sharing (DTS - Screen Sharing):



What is Desktop sharing? : (DTS)  is a common name for technologies and products that allow remote collaboration on a person's computer. DTS feature is available for Moderators only which allows you to show your screen - web browser - word document - excel - any application. Moderators can share their pc screen or application and show guest's in the conference room whilst at the same time video conferencing. DTS requires a good solid internet connection speed in order for the DTS to synchronize quickly and is available as standard for up to 25 people in the conference room.

Desk Top Sharing Collaboration

Select > Desktop Sharing Tab

Desk Top Share Start Collaboration

Select > Start Sharing Player Button

Moderators Only will see a automatic java plug-in request to "Run" or "Cancel"

Select > Check Box (always trust...) > Select "Run"

In a few moments, all guests in your conference room will see what you viewing on your pc screen.

Let's say you want to show your guest's your word document, open the document first before you start DTS and then just Minimize the conference room and your done!

Remember, if you want to video conference while using the DTS, pause a moment while the DTS loads for everyones screen and use the "handsfree" button to active your mic and video web cam before minimizing the conference room.

Moderators and Guests can expand / reduce the DTS view by click < / > arrows inside the conference room.

To STOP Dest Top Sharing - screen sharing:

Select > "Stop Sharing" Button.

Select > Another Mode as required.

Private Conversation Audio / Video Duplex:


This feature enables MODERATORS to select a GUEST within the conference room for the purpose to converse with the choosen individual

Audio Video Duplex Conversationfig1





Either party can accept or reject a "Private duplex conversation" fig4



The "P" icon along side each of the names in fig6, indicates a "Private duplex conversation" is in progress -fig5

File Share:


The File share feature allows Moderators and Guest's (if not disabled in room settings) to share various types of files either to the group or
selected individual person within the conference room.


>Select Blue button as shown in fig1 above to access your shared files folder, this then shows the panel below fig2.


> Select BROWSE button to view the file you wish to upload.
> Select Upload ........examples above fig2. shows a .pdf and .jpg file already uploaded.
> Now highlight the file you wish to share.
> Select the Blue >> button and a menu displays with options to share to all guests -users or you can select the individual person.

Download File
> To download a file using the GREEN V - this allows download to your computer.

Delete File
> Use the RED X

After uploading your file/s, if this does not show in the files panel > select Refresh button



Moderators Only can active this feature by selecting the 'WhiteBoard" TAB.

Select " Start Drawing > choose from panel displayed, shapes, text, lines, pencil, colors, thickness, rubber etc.

Selects HIDE CURSOR if you do not want your attendees to see it.

In addition the WhiteBoard feature is also available in Presentation mode.

Audio Video Data Record Presentation:


Moderators can Record (see options in fig 1.1) and save the Audio Video and Data (presentation) for playback purposes in either the conference room or for publishing the vide recording to YouTube or whatever website you choose. NOTE: The recorder plug-in works on PC only at this time.

Fig 1.1 - Shows the various Recording options, select the desired File types (AVI, FLV, SWF etc) and/or compression rates - remember this feature available to the moderator only and records the moderator.

Fig 1.1

First Time Room Moderator / PC user, you will need to install a recording exe add-on plug-in (Moderators only)

Select the RECORD button.


fig 1.1

Select YES to install the recording plug-in (fig1.1)


fig 1.2

Select SAVE (fig 1.2)

Follow the usual download prompts, near the end of the installation, ensure you check start software at launch. This ensure each time
you use the conference room, the recorder plug-in is ready and resides in your tool bar.

Now your ready to begin RECORDING.

To start the Video Record Presentation - Select > REC button

Choose the desired recording File types (AVI, FLV, SWF etc) and/or compression rates

Choose (Data recording Only) screen area options (fig 1.3)

fig 1.3

Whilst the system is recording your meeting, you will see the RECORD Light Flash, if paused a GREEN PAUSE
light will illuminate. (fig 1.4)

fig 1.4

To finish the recording select STOP recording. (fig 2.0)


Now, SELECT RECORD button > SELECT CONVERT FILE option ( fig1.1)

Select the desired Folder, then the desired sub folder (Project - residing on your pc), open this and the system will automatically convert the file
ready to play locally or indeed ready to be uploaded to your conference room or youtube etc.

Quick Demonstration Video :Needs slight update due to new convert option not showing.

Language Interface:


There are currently 15 international languages available - the system defaults to ENGLISH, however you may change this.

Members and Guest's can each individually change the conference room skin interface to their desired language.

1/ Select and Click the USA Flag near the Top Right Corner of the conference room - pull down menu opens

2/ Select language flag and the interfaces will change accordingly

The members conference control room panel will soon have this abilty also, currently available in English and Russian.

SET THE DEFAULT LANGUAGE FOR THE ROOM -full details in control panel - Select API (Beta)

The rooms intarface language is automatically determined by the relative location of the incoming user. It means that all users from Russia will open the room with Russian language. All users from Ukraine, will open the room with Ukrainian language. All users from Belarus, the Belarusian language, and so on.

Therefore, you as the room owner can install the your room language by default. It will allow all your users, regardless of their location to open the room with preset Russian language. Thus if your default language is Russian, even users from the USA or other countries, open your room with Russian language.

To set the default language, you need to send your users a room link like:,[LANGUAGE],[ROOM-ID]


  • [LANGUAGE] - default room interface language
  • [ROOM-ID] - code or the alias to your room

    You can use these following registered languages in the room interface (for the variable [LANGUAGE]):
  • en - english
  • ru - russian
  • ua - ukrainian
  • by - belarusian
  • bg - bulgarian
  • pl - polish
  • cz - czech
  • fr - french
  • de - german
  • gr - greek
  • it - italian
  • es - spanish
  • pt - portuguese
  • se - swedish
  • si - slovenian

WARNING - After setting language -Do Not Change BACK TO ENGLISH - The interface Will DEFAULT TO ENGLISH with no option to change back.

Ban / Kick Out Attendees


Moderators have the ability to MUTE, KICK-OUT or even BAN a guest during the conference meeting.



Mute - turns off audio ->Select this by highlighting the person speaking using mute button fig1

Kick-out > Select this by highlighting the person you wish to kick out of the conference room fig2


Ban - Moderators can select a nuisance indiviual and BAN them entering the conference again. A notice of this is posted on the Ban persons screen fig3


Moderators / Customers can access their (Conference Room Control Panel) to view - delete Banned IP numbers fig4

By deleting the Banned IP number/s, the banned individual will agin have access to your conference room.

Smart Phones / Mobile Devices


At this time, customers using the flash conferencing platform are so what limited, largely due to most devices / manufaturers are yet to include a full version of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1+ Adobe® Flash® Lite does not function with our product.

However, we have released a Light Conference Room for guests to attend your meeting.

Guests can hear your audio, see the webcam video stream and be able to read all text chat messages.

Further Guests can communicate via text chat.

Image example using HTC Desire Android 2.2

In your room control panel, select light conference room. Here you will find the necessary html code and other information pertaining to this.

X4 Audio Video Synchronous Streaming


Moderators can Select > X4 TAB to enable the live sysnchronous simultaneous audio video streaming of up to 4 people.

The procedure requires the moderator to click and highlight (select) a member from the members list and drag this member (Hold down left key on your mouse) towards the center of the screen (As if placing inside the webcam image Fig 1 shown).

The member will be asked to either Accept or Decline this feature as in Fig 2 below.

Fig 1

fig 2







Hints For A Successful Video Conference Presentation
Know The Environment
Acquaint yourself with the video conferencing system. For smooth running of the presentation and to make it effective it is essential know the program and it's capabilities in your environment. (Hardware / Internet Speed etc) We recommend HARDWIRE internet connections wherever possible.
Presentation Content
The materials that you need during the video conference should be checked in advance, if you want to do a power point presentation, pre load the file and run it through the power point presenter player in advance - check your microphone - web cam and adjust settings if required..
Arrive on Time
Commence your video conference meeting on time - Pre-check your video conference room in advance to ensure all systems are available.

Additional advice:


Before beginning a video conference, shut down / close all unnecessary programs that maybe running on your computer. This advice is recommended for both the conference presenters and guests. Any distraction of computer resources such as emails with large attachments or other programs running such as windows updates or antivirus updates, real player, media player and the like will take up valuable bandwidth and CPU resources and could impact on the conference program performance.


If you have an important scheduled video conference, best practice is ensure your internet connection is available, also pre check your video conference room is available about 30 minutes prior. Why? Because occasionally internet routers, modems and even our own servers, may require re-booting from time to time and as such, your emergency alert (located in your web control panel) allows us 5 -10 minutes time to resolve an issue our side. (Fortunately, these problems are not common)


During a video conference, it's important to keep your guests attention and by maintaining an interactive approach, asking for responses is the best method and this can be done via the text chat readily.

We hope you'll enjoy using the video conference collaboration program, thankyou!

Last Update V3.2.2 Sept 2010