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Overview Summary
Conduct Worldwide Virtual Video Conference Meetings On the Fly - It's Feature Rich - And Value Packed

 iPRO Conference V3 was designed for interactive online video conferences, using audio video duplex connections for Moderators. For example, in a 250 seat conference room configuration, you could have 5 Moderators in audio video duplex mode with 245 guests viewing and hearing all 5 moderators simultaneously.

Alternatively, you could have just 1 moderator who could present / share / in live real time audio video to 249 guests in a 250 seat conference room configuration.

All guests with active webcams and mics, can also use the room audio video or text communication capabilities as determined and set by the room moderator. 

As an iPRO Conference V3 customer, only you pay the conference room fee - Guest's can
attend your room free of charge.

Every customer is issued with access to our conference room control settings panel and it's here where you can find the unique conference room URL links associate to your account and a host of settings for you to enable or disable.

Hosts / Moderators - You have a special unique conference  room URL that automatically opens your conference room without having to manually go through the manual logging in procedure. Note - You can set moderators to enter the room manually and indeed upgrade a listed guest participant inside the room to a moderator status on the hey!

Guest's / Participants - These unique room URL's are different in that these require the User to add there name, and/or a room password if one has been set.

No Restrictions - Multiple Web Browsers - Cross Platform Operating Systems

 There are several ways to open the conference room though the primary access for both Moderators and Guest's is to Click the conference room URL via a web browser and conference room opens with the appearance of a log-in screen.

The video conferencing room once open will look something like this example, depending which feature mode is running at the time, plus you can customize your own preferred colors, fonts and more.

Video Conference Room Features Include


Multipoint Audio Video Data streaming - Audio VoIP included.


Live video streaming broadcasting yourself or live events in real time anywhere, anytime.


Easy to Use - Intuitive, browser-like layout suitable for all common web browsers
» Fast Desktop Sharing enables you to display your desktop to your participants. for Training, Coaching or even displaying various applications in real time.
» Present your PowerPoint® in seconds to show your conference room participants for a perfect presentation via internal player ! - With or without the host presenter or moderator audio and video stream.
» Show your own Videos or YouTube® Videos using the conference room server video upload and playback player.


Global Text Chat or Private Text Chat to individual

» Every room owner has access to the conference room Control Settings Panel set your layout and/or feature access customization's, plus the option to PASSWORD protect your room.


Moderators may choose Audio or Audio Video Duplex with selected guests (No Headset Required)

» Lock the room and / or show a countdown clock, kick out guest, ban guest, post common text answers from pull down list.
» Duplex mode provides private video and audio conversation with an participant or use private text chat.
» Live synchronous simultaneous  audio video for 1- 5 Audio Webcam connections
» Real time VOTE Polling Module - post a question or survey and have your audience respond - see live results.
» You can RECORD your conference presentation meetings too! .
» International Languages 21+ Room interface languages available plus room owners can option the default room url to a prefered language.
» Hand over Moderator control to a guest on the fly during a conference

Real time screen and application sharing  (DTS)
PowerPoint® Presentation tool
Cross-platform Windows - Mac - Linux
Start Meeting Countdown clock  feature
Document file sharing to participants
Lists all participants present in room
Country of origin flag for each participant
Display web pages to your guests
Audio Video controllers - webcam / mic
Mute current speaker
Remove current speaker
Ban current speaker
Multi Language Conference room interface / control panel
No licences 
No limited minutes 
No telephone required 
No web server required 
No Adware – No Spyware
Yes 100% independently tested clean 
Free customer care help desk support 
Integrated Audio / Video streaming
Audio Video Duplex 5 webcam simultaneous A/V
Live show large webcam screen
Moderator can record full audio/video of presentation
Current Speaker display
Interface room setting panel 
Speak Hands Free - Clickable Talk Now button
Text chat integration
Text chat save  
Website integration - point to your conference room
Customer unique conference room URL 
Room password protection 
Room Alias name setting 
Participant Flags -Question-On Phone-Away
Server 99.9% up time 
24/7 On-demand conference room access 
Free version software updates
Free attendee access / or you could use as pay service

Multiple Language Interface  
Ban current Speaker  
Kick Out Current Speaker
Mute Current Speaker
Hands Free Conversation
Start AV- Talk Now
Speaker / Mic Volume Controls
Turn off Webcam
Turn off Mic
Audio Modulation bar
IM Chat  
Send IM Text Chat
Clear / Delete All IM Text Chat
Save IM Text Chat to your Pc
Audio Video Record Play Back
Room Bandwidth Indicator
Live Vote Polling
Webcam Visual
Conference Room Name
Moderator feature controls: Text Chat, PPT Presentation, Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard
Participant Name
Audio and Webcam settings
Members list
Expand Screen
Ban selected Participants
Kick Out Selected participant
Mute Selected Participant
Online Status
Logo Optional Extra
Start Private duplex conversation
Access Shared files folder

Our Video Conferencing Rooms Have Multiple Language Interface Options

In addition to changing the room language customers can modify the conference room URL link
to default into that required language. For example, Russian customers can see the Russian language
by default instead of English.


No long-term contract, no license or version upgrade fees - all benefits