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Important Information  
This "How To" guide explains how to FIRST set-up your video Conference room
And how to log-in and start your conference room.

When your account has been activated, you may modify your details and settings for your conference room by signing into our video conference room web control panel.

STEP 1  

Enter your Conference ROOM settings web panel  Customer Login

ENTER YOUR USER NAME PROVIDED - Please keep these details filed and saved somewhere safe. eg: email folder

ENTER YOUR PASSWORD PROVIDED - Please keep these details filed and saved somewhere safe. eg email folder

Go to ‘My Room Settings Tab’ – Enter your room name >optional room password > Description >** Optional Disable Feature Selection Table 

**Optional Disable Feature Selection Table as illustrated is for the downloadable .exe version 4.2 - Refer Room Settings Tab inside Your Flash Conference room for all available Room property settings.


Next…. Go to ‘My Room Moderators Tab’  

You need to create a Moderator Password for yourself or anyone else to enable FULL feature access to control your conference room.

This area allows you to add and manage all the moderator’s applicable to your room.  


Next…Go to ‘My Account Details Tab’ Scroll down to ‘My Personal Rooms’  

To start your conference room - Click Flash Link or Right click Flash Link to copy link to your web browser.



Moderator and Guest Users - Place Room URL Link In Web Browser




If choosing to login manually
add your USER NAME and Password exactly,
(no blank spaces) then select: I am Moderator.

Select OK

If matches database, you will be logged in as moderator with full features etc.


Simply add your NAME and ROOM PASSWORD
if one has been provided by room owner / moderator

Select OK



Before you can start your AUDIO and VIDEO, both Moderators and Guests
must CLICK the TALK NOW Button, the Adobe box appears and you select
ALLOW. Click Talk Now Button to release the audio video etc.

Talk Now Button

NOTE: If you add or delete a "Room Password" your conference room URL link /s changes,RoomID# - No conference room password,RoomID#,private - Yes conference room password protected

Conference Room MODERATORS - You have TWO options, 1/ Auto Log-in or 2/ Manual Log-in

1/ Enter your Conference ROOM settings web panel  Customer Login

Select " My Moderators"

If no moderator is listed -Select ADD Moderator - Enter Details Accordingly.

2/ Log-in Information (As in Step 3 illustration above)

You must TYPE your Conference Room MODERATOR USER-NAME and PASSWORD EXACTLY - Otherwise you will not have moderator access to all features. (MOD id# and Password id #as displayed in green color inside the web control panel)

Guests attending your conference room can just ENTER their NAME, ENTER ROOM PASSWORD (If you set one),
Select Connection Speed, Select OK.......that's it.

Conference Room Properties - Setting Options Are Located Inside The Conference Room

V3 Conference room Settings

A list of options are available to restrict guests activity with each conference room.

V3 Conference Room Setting Properties

Want to send someone your conference room link?  

» Log-in to your Members Area (Room Control Panel)

» Go to "My Personal Rooms" Section

» On My Account Details screen, scroll down to "My PERSONAL ROOM/S"

» Simply click your conference room link... or Copy Link Location and paste this URL link to your Explorer / Fire fox web browser to activate the video meeting install process.

» Paste your conference room URL link inside an email to email contacts OR Place a Video Meeting Room Button On Your Web site And Simply Point This To Your URL Conference Room Link 



The EMERGENCY PAGER (EP) service is strictly for use when your ROOM/S are DOWN and ONLY when you cannot access the room !!  

Activation 24/7 will alert a technician to re-boot the room server should there be a server fault, please allow 5-10 minutes for the room to re-set.  


Help Desk Ticket System


All questions regarding product support, billing and other service related issues should be directed via the customer care help desk ticket system.

When submitting your help ticket, please be patient as we will reply and soon as possible - there is no telephone tech support at this time.


Our team wants you to be pleased with your purchase from us, any problems, please let us know and we'd be happy to help.  

We appreciate and thank you for your business.