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You will find this pc video conference service very easy and intuitive to use, even if you have never used this kind of product before.
Here are answers to frequently asked question to help you make the most of your conferencing experience.

If you have a question and it is not answered here, please visit our Customer Care Help Desk and submit a help ticket.

1.  What are the recommended SYSTEM OS requirements to run the video conference service?
2.   Does my computer NEED TO HAVE FLASH ® PLAYER installed?
3.  What WEB BROWSER SHOULD I USE to start the video conference service?
4.  When I log-into my conference room, I cannot locate the MODERATOR CONTROLS?
5.  Where do I find my CONFERENCE ROOM URL LINK and how do I send someone my room link?
6.  Im a New Customer, is there a STEP BY STEP GUIDE to help me set up my account?
7.  Where can I make changes to my Conference ROOM PROPERTY SETTINGS?
8.  Participants / Guest Users CANNOT LOG_INTO my Conference Room?
9.  How do Moderators / Participants Start and Log-in to my Conference Room?
10.  My Audio / Webcam does not work?
11.  Can I run other computer programs while using the video conference service?
12.  Does the video conference service require many system resources?
13.  HOW DO I UPDATE our Video Conference software?
14.  My video conference room will not start / open ?
15.  How Do I Active the Webcam and Microphone?
16.  Why Does my Conference Room Crash?
17.  Why Can't I use the Feature Controls?
18.  I cannot push / SYNCHRONIZE WEB PAGES using the web browser to show my guests, how do I do this?
19.  Why does Flash enabled menus and buttons on websites cause an error
20.  MODERATOR SET UP - How do I do this?
21.  Can I lock down the Microphone for HANDS FREE?
22.  AUDIO ISSUES I cannot hear anyone or they cannot hear you, why?
23.  I'm getting CHOPPY AUDIO / VIDEO interruptions
24.  WEBCAM ISSUES - why wont my Webcam work?
25.  How do I use the POWER POINT Presenter?
26.  How to Use the DESK TOP SHARING - Screen Sharing Feature (DTS)
27.  DESK TOP SHARING - Screen Sharing QUITS after 25 people, why?
28.  What do I do if my Conference Room DISCONNECTS?
29.  How To Change The Audio Source in Vista ?
31.  How Do I SHARE A FILE?
32.  How do I change my ONLINE STATUS FLAG?
33.  How do I have a PRIVATE DUPLEX CONVERSATION - Video / Audio Session?
34.   WhiteBoard

35. How do I change the LANGUAGE INTERFACE? International Conference room links other than English default?

36.   Webcast LIVE SHOW - How do I start this feature?
37.  As a moderator, can I interrupt or cut short someone speaking?
38.  How do I KICK OUT or BAN a participant / guest
39.  How do I UN-BAN a Participant / Guest?
40.  SOUND NOTIFICATIONS - When Participants / Guests Arrive in my room, how will I know?
41.  Can I SAVE the TEXT CHAT to my computer?
43.  Conference Room Participant / Guest Sign in/out text chat notification – How do I ACTIVATE / de-activate this?
44.  Are the Moderator / Guest Conference Room SCREEN VIEWS DIFFERENT?
45.   Can I use a STILL PICTURE instead of the webcam?
46.  Can I PASSWORD PROTECT my room?
47.  I’m getting room SERVER ERROR - error message trying to connect to conference room
48. Does the Video Conference software work OTHER OS PLATFORMS?
49.  Does the Video Conference software work using all common web browsers?
50.  How do I TURN OFF / ON my Webcam / Microphone
51. Mobile Devices PDA - Cell Phones
52.  POLLING - VOTING - How do I create a poll?